Businessman pressing happy icon, Customer service evaluation concept.

Quality management

A company can only assert itself against corporations if it does the job better. To be better means to deliver better quality, to be more flexible with customer requests and to think more future-oriented.

RWP’s quality policy is based on the following points:

  Orders will only be accepted if the requirements are clearly defined and can be solved by RWP and the deadlines can be reached.
  Only programming languages that are up to date are used.
  Customer orientation is a particular concern of all employees.
     For example, they are advised to only deliver software they have tested to customers.
  After-sales customer care is a particular concern of RWP.

Quality can only be achieved if these points are kept in mind. The quality management system takes on this task.

It is part of the RWP quality policy that the company management and RWP employees commit themselves, that the RWP quality management system meets the requirements and is subject to constant further development with the aim of constant improvement.