“Don’t find fault, find a remedy”

(Henry Ford)


IT Engineers and Technician discussing technical problem in server room with data connection visual effect .


  Reduction of downtimes by up to 70% for our customers

  DIN EN ISO-9001:2015 certified

  Best experiences of our work by our customers

  One central contact person (service management)

  Dynamic team with well-trained service staff

  Regular training of our employees

  Service experience since 1983


We take care of your IT infrastructure and relieve our customers so that they can focus on their core business.

Here are a few examples:

Maintenance of existing systems
24/7 monitoring of your network and server environment
Benefit from our experience
24/7 hotline
Database maintenance
Antivirus solutions
Backup schedule

Maintenance of existing systems

We take care of all maintenance work for your server environment, so you have more resources for other projects.

Maintenance begins with Windows updates and extends to updating your servers (firmware / drivers / etc).

24/7 monitoring of your networks

We monitor your networks or servers around the clock and ensure trouble-free operation.

For monitoring, we use the open source software “Nagios” and adapt the installation to your requirements. There are almost no limits to monitoring, since we can create plugins or scripts ourselves if necessary.

You have full access to the monitoring system, so that you can convince yourself of the correct operation of all servers and always have everything in view.

Benefit from our experience

Through our many years of activity, we can use our experience and knowledge to quickly implement or solve your problems or inquiries.

“Life is too short to make all the mistakes on your own.”

24 hotline

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can therefore optimally support you at any time.

Database maintenance

Through our “Oracle Gold” partnership and our trained database administrators, we can support you with all database problems.

Our core competencies relate to the following databases::

We can also support you with other database systems, just contact us.

Antivirus solutions

In today’s world, a comprehensive virus protection solution is essential for us and our customers.

We support you in the planning and maintenance of your virus protection systems.

Backup plans

Most of the data you receive and process today is purely digital. So that you can sit back and relax in the event of a fault or malfunction, we take care of the rest.

We plan a backup strategy with you and find the optimal solution and support for your company.