Final-assembly / production line for the production of ABS and ECM control units


Automotive Supplier

Target group




Type of operation


Current state

The final-assembly line is connected to an MES from another producer.


During production, longer response times (200 ms to 300 ms) occur regularly and there are always downtimes of production due to errors.

Furthermore, time windows are required regularly to carry out updates. During this time, no production can take place on the line.


RWP Software GmbH installed the first MES for this client back in 1993. The software developed back then is still running today with some modifications. 

The final-assembly line was connected to the existing MES of RWP Software GmbH and corresponding individual adjustments were made. 

A Linux cluster was used as the line computer and the production data is sent to a Linux computer with an Oracle database (master computer).


The response times have been drastically reduced and are now usually between 1 and 10 milliseconds (in rare cases up to 50 ms). 

Downtimes have become very rare thanks to the monitoring of the line by our own IT support. Thanks to the close cooperation between our IT support and our development department, errors can be rectified in the shortest time possible. 

Thanks to the use of two redundant line and master computers and a security concept that has been tried and tested for years, time windows for updates are no longer necessary. Updates are now generally carried out on the redundant computers first, then the line is transferred to these computers and the updates are carried out on the other computers. This allows the line to continue production without interruption.