Triggering and backtracking of quality inspections


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Different quality checks have to be carried out on several lines at the breaking stations. The inspections may be due after a certain interval or after a type change. The inspections only have to be carried out when the lines are producing.


The breaking stations are from different producers and have no connection to the database. Therefore, the employees on the line are responsible for carrying out the inspections. A backtracking of the quality inspections is not guaranteed.


Thanks to the line connection, RWP can determine exactly when a station is in production or at a standstill. Type changes are also recognized. This allows that inspections can be created in a database. 

The respective quality inspections are now displayed with the help of a web application. The responsible employees receive an e-mail for their inspections and can confirm them in the application once the quality inspection has been successfully completed. 

If the inspection has not been carried out after a certain time, an escalation e-mail is sent and the inspection is displayed in another color in the web application. Inspections that have already been carried out can be viewed in the archive. The quality checks are configurable and can be extended accordingly by the customer.


The customer can monitor all quality inspections centrally despite different producers of the breaking station. No inspections are forgotten and they can be traced at any time.